Savoury yogurt innovation driven by US and Asia

Press release - Wednesday 11 January 2017

No longer confined to sweet flavours, the yogurt category is rapidly diversifying into a range of new salty and spicy segments. Innovations in savoury tastes gained traction around the world in 2016, propelled by consumers becoming more adventurous and afforded by rising disposable incomes. According to the new Savoury Yogurt Innovation Report from leading food and drinks consultancy Zenith Global, the US and Asia are key centres for growth, drawing inspiration from international cultures and cuisines to help consumers seeking healthier lifestyles.

“Dairy companies have also broadened the appeal of savoury yogurts by promoting them for multiple uses,” commented Zenith Market Intelligence Director Esther Renfrew. “Savoury options in supermarket chiller cabinets offer great versatility as snacks, dips, salad dressing and cooking ingredients. They offer a point of difference to excite the taste buds without excessive calories.”

With a broad positioning that appeals to adults, millennials and children alike and, with a growing variety of flavour combinations, the category has been successful at attracting new customers as well as building loyal converts, Zenith reports. “As health concerns widen, savoury yogurt has strong potential for continued growth and new product development in 2017,” Esther Renfrew concluded.

From vegetable flavours to salty and spicy snack split-pots, the 2016 Zenith Savoury Yogurt Innovation Report analyses opportunities for the category, bringing together the latest in product development to identify the emerging trends and themes driving innovation.

Other highlights of the Zenith report include:

  • Category overview of trends driving consumption and new product development.
  • Opportunities and challenges assessment, looking at regional markets and identifying hotspots for growth.
  • Innovation trend summary highlighting common themes in new product development worldwide.
  • 36 in depth brand profiles, including detailed product information, launch date, packaging size and type, pricing, ingredients and product image.

The 2016 Zenith Savoury Yogurt Innovation Report contains a global market overview and profiles on 36 innovative brands launched across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Contact Zenith Global on +44 (0)1225 327900 or e-mail

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