Original article published by Beverage Blog - Thursday 18 May 2017

You wouldn’t find it hard to guess 4 of the top 6 soft drinks brands sold online in the United States, but what about the other 2 ?

According to 1010data as reported on Bloomberg, Coca-Cola was number 1, Pepsi 3, Mountain Dew 4 and Sprite 6 in the year to February 2017.

The other 2 were not Dr Pepper, Fanta or 7Up.

No 2 was zero calorie Zevia with a 17% share to Coke’s 22% and Pepsi’s 12%. No 5 was Hansen’s on 4%, behind Mountain Dew on 5% but in front of Sprite on 3%.

On Amazon earlier this month, Coca-Cola variants took 3 of the top 4 positions and Dr Pepper Snapple’s recently acquired Bai Bubbles Voyager was number 2.



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