Top 10 Trends Driving Global Cheese Snack Innovation

Press release - Wednesday 23 May 2018

Worldwide cheese snack consumption grew 4.5% in 2017 to an estimated 472,000 tonnes, according to a new report from global food and drink experts at Zenith. Zenith has identified ten key trends driving product innovation and consumer interest in the market, broadening its demographic reach and developing new consumption occasions.

“Snacking is an increasingly important part of our daily routine, but it is often associated with feelings of guilt and overindulgence. Attitudes are now changing and the opportunity for nutrition as well as pleasure is being taken up by emerging categories. Consumers all around the world are moving away from sugary snacks in a bid to be healthier, so the opportunity for cheese snacks is substantial,” commented Zenith Insight Manager Christina Avison.

In 2017, the largest market for cheese snacks was North America, capturing a 45% share, followed by Europe on 34% and Asia Pacific with 12% of the market.

New product development in the sector is diverse, but Zenith has condensed the key elements into ten global trends - from established traits like convenience, kids’ snacking and exciting flavours to emerging segments such as adult snacking, better for you, protein boost and texture.

“Three of the ten focus on health and functionality, three on fun and flavour, two on target age groups and two on other consumer benefits,” concluded Christina Avison.

Over 70 in-depth brand profiles from 28 countries offer product images in addition to detailed information such as cheese type, launch date, packaging type and size, target audience and pricing. The report also offers an overview of the global cheese snack market, with analysis of global and specific regional trends.

The 2018 Zenith Cheese Snack Innovation Report provides analysis of global and regional market dynamics and trends, featuring profiles of 72 brands across five regions that illustrate the top ten innovation trends. Contact Zenith Global on +44 (0)1225 327900 or e-mail

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