2.5 million water coolers in East Europe by 2022

Press release - Tuesday 13 November 2018

Growing faster than West Europe, the total number of water coolers in East Europe rose by 3.6% to 2.1 million units in December 2017, according to a new report from the sector’s leading specialist consultancy, Zenith Global.

Water demand was even stronger, with sales increasing by 5.0% to 2.3 billion litres in 2017, 1 billion litres more than the bottled water cooler market in West Europe. The volume of bottled water through coolers and dispensers/pumps in East Europe has increased to 12.2% of total bottled water consumption, compared with 4% 20 years ago.

Bottled water coolers dominate with 62.5% of total placements, but their share has fallen from 64.4% in 2013. Point of use mains water coolers accounted for just 4.5% of the total in 2017, but their number jumped by 10.6% in 2017 and was 59% higher than in 2013. Dispensers and pumps represented the remaining 33.0%, advancing by 5.1% to 0.7 million units and driven by their strength in Russia.

“The importance of hydration and the convenience of bottled water are becoming more widely accepted by East European consumers,” commented Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global Ltd. “Whilst conditions in individual countries vary widely, the economic climate in East Europe is improving and the outlook for the cooler market is becoming more favourable.”

Russia retains the lead as the largest East European cooler market at 42.7% of the total in 2017, followed by Poland on 19.1% and Ukraine on 11.3%, together accounting for nearly three quarters of the region’s overall installed base.

In terms of additional units, 2017 growth was driven by Russia, the Czech Republic and Romania, jointly contributing 65,000 new installations.

By 2022, Zenith Global forecasts that the total East European market will increase almost 20% to exceed 2.5 million units, with bottled water coolers representing 61% of the total.

The 2018 Zenith Global East Europe Water Coolers Report contains over 700 pages of market commentary, charts and tables including country and regional market analysis across 15 countries as well as more than 90 detailed company profiles. Contact Zenith Global on +44 (0)1225 327900 or e-mail insight@zenithglobal.com.

Notes for Editors

  1. Two charts are attached for publication: East Europe water cooler market 2013-17; East Europe top 5 water cooler countries 2017
  2. Point of use mains water coolers are plumbed in to municipal water supplies.
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