Competitive analysis and benchmarking

Anne Wong-Erven

Anne Wong-Erven

Advisory Director

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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

Insight and Advisory Director

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Food and drink competitor intelligence

Zenith Global works with many of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers in over 50 countries. Our team of specialist food and drink consultants has an unrivalled knowledge of the industry and is well placed to benchmark you against local, regional and global players and best practice, without breaching any confidentiality agreements.

We can then provide a practical action plan to improve your situation versus your competitors, presented as quick wins and longer term investment projects.

We are able to provide detailed competitive analysis and benchmarking for:

  • Companies
  • Brands
  • Products and packaging
  • Production
  • Manufacturing and supply chain cost

Benchmarking against competitors and best practice

Benchmarking food competitors and drink competitors is not an easy task, which is why clients throughout the world ask Zenith Global to do it. Here are some examples of the questions we answer:

  • How are my competitors able to offer retailers lower prices then me? If I lower my prices, I will not be profitable.
  • How do consumers view my brand versus the competition?
  • What ingredients are my competitors using?
  • How do my manufacturing costs compare with global best practice?
  • How do my quality and food safety standards compare with my competitors?

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