Steve Keim
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Steve Keim

Principal Consultant

Contact us about how we can help your water cooler business.

Zenith Dashboard is designed to provide dedicated management support services for businesses in water cooler home and office delivery and related sectors including

  • home and office delivery
  • bottled and point of use water coolers
  • office vending, coffee and other beverage services
  • water filters and filtration.


Zenith Dashboard’s team has unequalled depth and breadth of knowledge in this sector from decades of operating experience as well as analysis and advice.  This includes water quality, water resources management, business planning, marketing and sales, route management, financial control and staffing issues.

Why Dashboard?

A dashboard is the screen of key indicators on any complex piece of equipment.  Every good business has a set of key indicators that help its management become more effective.

What services?

Zenith Dashboard operates at three levels:

1. Initial enquiry

This is free.  Call or email the contact details below and we will give you our best advice to any initial enquiry instantly.  If further work is required, we will recommend one of the other two levels of service.

2. Single task projects

For each specific task, we will make a proposal with a clear timeline, cost and deliverable outcome.  This may be less than half a day or several weeks, but will give you the opportunity to weigh each element of work with its benefit.  A project may cover any aspect of managing a business:


  • Water resources management
  • Water quality
  • Hygiene, sanitation
  • Production planning
  • Plant procurement
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Quality control


  • Contracts
  • Standard business terms
  • Legislation change
  • Claims
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Sales plan and activation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Staff incentives
  • Customer promotions

Human resources

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Performance issues
  • Recruitment


  • Business plan
  • Competitor review
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Management accounts
  • Key performance indicators
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • Change management
  • Market research
  • Securing external finance


  • Website design and content
  • Marketing plan and implementation
  • Direct response and tracking
  • Social media
  • Advertising strategy
  • Customer service management
  • Pricing


  • Route management and systems
  • Density improvement
  • Staff training

3. Subscription services

These guarantee continuing support through regular access to the consultancy team plus use of an advisory helpline when more immediate needs arise.

We believe this is often the best solution for smaller companies where a few managers must wear many hats.  We can listen to your concerns and discuss alternative options, then provide independent and professional advice for swift and measured action.

Best practice programme - $495 per month, 10 month minimum, per operating location

  • Regular newsletter on new supplier products, regulatory change, new industry reports, management tips, latest acquisitions etc.

  • Management mentoring and advice offering up to 2 hours of one-to-one expert time per month to improve profitability, growth, service levels, team cohesion or to solve specific problems. 

  • Confidential quarterly planning reviews providing a review of business plans, marketing strategy, sales plans and incentives, media activity, advertising and promotions.  This combines a business review and planning in one session.  We believe it is critical for small companies to have quarterly targets, review their progress and establish new ones based on latest experience.  This is vital to drive growth and profitability. 

Additional exclusive services for best practice programme subscribers

  • 2 day best practice workshop - $495 per delegate

  • 15% discount for all single task projects

Steve Keim profile

MBA from Harvard.  Early career in brand management at Procter & Gamble, as Director of Marketing with Citibank, President of Belmont Springs, Vice President – New Products at Coca-Cola Foods and Director of Marketing with Compagnie Générale des Eaux.

After building his own successful management consultancy, he was appointed as Managing Director of Neverfail Spring Water in Australia.

He then returned to the United States to hold executive positions across the industry, including the positions of COO for Primo Water, President of Hidell-Eyster and COO of NY2O.

Steve has held numerous senior industry posts such as President of the Australasian Bottled Water Association, Board member of the International Bottled Water Association and President of the International Council of Bottled Water Associations.

He is also a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Miami.

Interested in finding out more?

For further information, please contact:

Contact us by calling our US office at +1 646-512-5861 or email us at dashboard@zenithglobal.com

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