Europe Flavoured and Functional Water Insights 2009

  • Combining analysis, insight and opinion, Zenith's topical market report, Europe Flavoured & Functional Water Insights, sets out a comprehensive global context overview alongside detailed European and regional summaries.
  • The report contains 75 slides with commentary, charts and tables on the flavoured and functional water markets in Europe.
  • A 15-page synthesis provides an overview of main features and trends on flavourings, ingredients and positioning of flavoured and functional water.
  • The report also provides a round-up of current and future market developments and information on the European regulatory environment.

Zenith's 2009 Europe Flavoured & Functional Water Insights report includes:

  • National flavour preferences.
  • Functional ingredients insights.
  • Flavoured and functional water positioning and key market place indicators.
  • Market commentary, covering global market context and leading operators, European consumption volume, rates of growth, value, flavoured vs functional split and leading countries regionally.

In addition, the report presents findings on the regulatory environment and EU regulations covering:

  • EU Mineral Water and Drinking Water Directives.
  • Labelling, Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs Directive.
  • Regulation on Nutrition and Health made on foods and its main aspects.
  • EU admitted and forbidden claims.
  • Critical analysis of Health Claim Regulation.

Flavoured and functional water is still a buoyant market with many new product launches in 2008. It can provide those consumers keen to avoid sugary carbonated drinks and those tired of plain bottled water with a low calorie, yet good-tasting alternative. Ingredients included in functional waters encompass botanicals, vitamins, minerals and oxygen designed for general health and wellbeing or a specific purpose such as weight management, improved digestion and mental alertness.

The report presents 31 detailed case studies of flavoured and functional waters in Europe, examining key details for each product. Europe Flavoured & Functional Water Insights is concluded with flavour diversity and evolution analysis of 'water plus'.


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