Global Cottage Cheese Market Report 2016

 Unlocking the potential in the global cottage cheese market

  • Beneficial to dairy manufacturers and anyone considering entering the cottage cheese market.
  • An overview of the cottage cheese market, including its background and its resurgence in the dairy aisle.
  • Includes strategies to boost sales and improve on-shelf presence, as well as exploring challenges and opportunities determining growth in the market.
  • Investigates growth opportunities by region and benchmarks 10 country markets worldwide to identify the opportunity for cottage cheese.
  • Features 20 detailed product profiles of cottage cheese products worldwide.

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Background and report description

In recent years, protein has become one of the most highly demanded functional food ingredients, propelled by the success of Greek yogurt in the US market. With this trend showing no signs of abating, manufacturers have taken action to restore the perception of protein-rich cottage cheese amongst consumers.

Cottage cheese has received positive media coverage as a high-protein cultured dairy food competing directly with the likes of Greek yogurt and quark and has gained attention from consumers for its versatility.  Innovating with savoury and sweet flavours along with different packaging formats has contributed to its nascent success on the market.

Zenith’s Global Cottage Cheese Market 2016 Report examines the potential of cottage cheese, areas of growth and how manufacturers can capitalize on current trends or take inspiration from other categories, especially yogurt.

What this report covers

  • Market overview: Overview of the cottage cheese market and its resurgence in the dairy aisle.
  • Strategy: Identifies challenges and opportunities in the market as well as strategies to boost sales and improve on-shelf presence.
  • Growth opportunities: analysis of regional markets worldwide in addition to a review of 10 country markets, determining the opportunity for cottage cheese.
  • Key products: Detailed profiles of 20 cottage cheese brands across North America, Central  & Latin America, Asia & the Middle-East, Europe, Africa and Oceania, including product image, company and product information, market strategy and USP, date of launch, packaging size & type, and pricing.

Geographical coverage

  • Global


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