Savoury Yogurt Innovation Report 2016

  • A must-have for anyone who is present or considering entering the yogurt market.
  • Contains over 35 detailed profiles of leading and innovative savoury yogurt brands worldwide providing insight into new product development activity.
  • Highlights consumption trends, opportunities, and growth drivers in the market, as well as identifying the challenges and barriers which manufacturers will have to overcome.
  • Investigates growth opportunities by region to identify the hot spots for savoury yogurt.

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Background and report description

The main drivers leading to the expansion of the nascent savoury yogurt market are a shift in consumers’ eating habits towards different taste profiles and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within the already dynamic yogurt industry, today’s consumers are seeking new consumption experiences, met by the emergence of new, savoury flavours such as vegetables and hot spices. Moreover, savoury yogurts are aptly positioned to meet the demands of the increasingly discerning, health-conscious consumer, providing a lower sugar content than their sweet counterparts. With the likes of Chobani and Fage having joined this segment in 2016, the savoury yogurt market is certainly one to watch, with rapid growth and new product development anticipated in the coming years. 

Zenith’s Savoury Yogurt Innovation Report provides a comprehensive insight into the emerging savoury yogurt market, establishing the current market trends and key themes driving new product development worldwide. With over 35 innovative brand profiles alongside an overview of regional growth opportunities and market challenges, this report is a must-have for anyone present or looking to enter the evolving yogurt market. 

What this report covers

  • Savoury yogurt market overview: the global and regional trends driving consumption and new product development
  • Opportunities and challenges: identifying the key factors which will help or hinder growth
  • Innovation trend summary: highlighting the common themes in new product development worldwide
  • 36 detailed savoury yogurt profiles worldwide, including detailed product information, launch date, product variants, packaging size & type, pricing, ingredients, and product image.

Geographical coverage

  • Global


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