Global Alternative Waters Report 2017

Why buy this report?

  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the global alternative waters market.
  • In-depth focus on leading plant water segments (coconut water, birch water, maple water) as well as coverage of other alternative water types.
  • Volume and value data from 2015 through to 2020 forecasts, indicating the future outlook of the market.
  • Contains over 40 detailed profiles of leading and innovative alternative water brands worldwide providing insight into new product development activity. 
  • Offers the qualitative and quantitative insights you need to gain a complete understanding of the global market's dynamics.

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Background and report description

The global alternative waters market grew 21% in value in 2016, driven by a consumer shift away from carbonates and other high-sugar beverages towards natural and healthy hydration alternatives. Coconut is by far the dominant plant water type, commanding 98% of the market in 2015, followed by maple water and birch water which have more recently entered the mainstream market in some regions. The market for other alternative waters - such as cactus, bamboo and artichoke water - represent only a marginal share of total sales in 2015, usually produced in small scale operation, but is projected to more than double in size by 2020. 

Zenith’s 2017 Alternative Waters Report, provides a comprehensive analysis of the global alternative waters market, with an in-depth focus on the key plant water segments: coconut water, birch water, and maple water. Volume and value data for 2015 at a global and regional level is provided, with global forecasts up to 2020. Insights on market trends, product innovation, and packaging are also offered, paired with over 40 detailed product profiles of innovative alternative waters. Packed with both quantitative and qualitative data, this Zenith Insight report is a valuable resource for anyone present or looking to enter the fast-growing plant waters market.

What this report covers

  • Global and regional market overview: 2015 to 2020 forecasted global volume and value data for total alternative water sales, with 2015 breakdown by key geographic regions
  • In-depth analysis of key alternative water types: Qualitative and quantitative data on the coconut, maple, and birch water markets, with 2015 to 2020 forecasted volume and value data, share by key geographic regions, and insights on market trends and product innovation.
  • Brand profiles: Over 40 profiles of alternative water brands ranging from coconut water to cactus water. Detailed product information including launch date, ingredients, price, pack size, pack type and product image. 
  • Packaging overview: Commentary on main packaging types for coconut, maple and birch waters. 
  • Market outlook: Analysis of the future opportunities and trends in the alternative waters market for both existing players and new entrants. 

Market data provided in this report

Global overview
  • Global alternative waters market volume 2015-20f
  • Global alternative waters market volume 2015 by plant type
  • Global alternative waters market value 2015-20f
  • Global alternative waters market value 2015 by plant type
Coconut water
  • Coconut water market volume 2015-20f
  • Coconut water market volume 2015 by key geographical regions
  • Coconut water market value 2015-20f
  • Coconut water market value 2015 by key geographical regions
Maple water
  • Maple water market volume 2015-20f
  • Maple water market volume 2015 by key geographical regions 
  • Maple water market value 2015-20f
  • Maple water market value 2015 by key geographical regions
Birch water
  • Birch water market volume 2015-20f
  • Birch water market volume 2015 by key geographical regions 
  • Birch water market value 2015-20f
  • Birch water market value 2015 by key geographical regions


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