Global CBD Drinks Report 2019

  • Data, charts and tables includes segment volume and value with forecasts to 2023.
  • An overview of the CBD oil segment including extraction process and its uses and benefits
  • Key focus of the US and its legal framework, and emerging regions such as West Europe and Asia Pacific
  • A SWOT analysis that identifies and understands key issues affecting CBD
  • An in-depth analysis of 23 product profiles and their positioning
  • Capitalising on Zenith’s extensive soft drinks expertise, this unique report details the market dynamics in one of the fastest growing beverage sectors.

Our country benchmarking classify attractive markets worldwide for ready-to-drink cannabis based drinks. In addition to an analysis on the US regulatory framework and volume and value data with forecasts to 2023, our Global CBD Drinks Report 2019 gathers over 20 detailed profiles of the latest innovations available on the market.


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Background and report description

In its first edition, this Global CBD Drinks Report 2019 examines the current trends shaping the burgeoning CBD-infused beverages market. Highlighting global opportunities it also provides insights on market trends across the FMCG spectrum including food and beverages. Our country benchmarking classifies 5 attractive markets worldwide for ready-to-drink CBD beverages. This report covers US regulatory framework, volume and value data including forecasts to 2023 and over 20 profiles of innovative brands.

In recent years Cannabis use and its derivatives have made headlines across the globe as we have seen limited medical use legalized which adds weight to oft quoted health benefits. Add a cultural shift that has seen a more liberal acceptance of the growing plant uses coupled with a global trend towards decreasing alcohol sales, CBD drinks could be the next big growth market in niche beverages.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has long been a popular ingredient within the wellness community, recognised for its many therapeutic uses including pain and anxiety relief claims. The non-psychoactive compound offers a natural alternative to synthetic-derived medicines which is highly-valued by health enthusiasts. It has also gained attention as a possible drug for use with some Epilepsy patients.

Zenith’s Global CBD Drinks report 2019 gives a comprehensive overview of the emerging market, a study of 10 key countries which are ranked to highlight the hot spots for future growth. Our report quantifies CBD beverages already available in the market, their price points, distribution and positioning and is essential support for prospective entrants to the market but also for established businesses looking to expand their portfolio. With expert commentary tracking the trends behind the data this report is a must for companies looking to operate in the CBD drinks market.

Geographical coverage

Global with in-depth focus on North America

What this report covers

  • North America CBD oil overview: Monitoring the global CBD oil market, with sales volume growth and trends and developments with forecasts to 2023.
  • An overview of the US CBD drinks market, analysing the global CBD drinks market with data, key market developments and opportunities for the future.
  • Estimates covering both Volume and Value, with projections for a 5 year period to 2023.
  • Global opportunities: Exploring opportunities in West Europe and Asia Pacific markets for CBD-infused beverages in more detail.
  • Profiles of over 20 leading brands: product information, channel distribution, CBD content and pricing.

Market data provided in this report

Global CBD oil market

  • Market volume 2013-2018
  • Forecast volume 2019-2023

Global CBD drinks market

  • Market volume 2018-2023
  • Market value 2018-2023
  • Volume share per top brands CBD RTD beverages 2018
  • Value share per top brands 2018


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