European Kombucha Report 2019

  • Tapping into Zenith Global’s 30 years’ experience in research and consultancy to the food and drinks industry, this report tracks one of the hottest emerging trends, fermented drinks.
  • Provides insight into the context of the kombucha market, identifies countries with future opportunities as well as detailing segmentation and positioning.
  • Data covered includes segment value per litre in 2018 as well as volume and value in 2013-2018, with forecasts to 2023.
  • Three key country overviews as we examine the established, developing and emerging markets for Kombucha in Europe.
  • Consumer profile and cultural factors explored.
  • Includes over 50 in-depth brand profiles, tracking latest innovations from industry leaders.

Geographical coverage

European, covering 31 countries worldwide, with an in-depth focus on three key countries and identifying a further two countries with scope for growth.

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Background and report description

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made by adding a live culture of yeast and bacteria to tea and leaving it to ferment at room temperature. Fermented drinks are currently experiencing significant momentum in the food and drink space where they are mainly marketed as a support for digestive wellness. The beverage is also positioned as a natural alternative to sugar-laden carbonated soft drinks and also as a substitute for consumers either cutting down on their alcohol intake or quitting drinking altogether.

Mapping the European market for kombucha this report examines the market performance and trends behind the numbers in three key West European countries; Germany, UK and France. 

With expert commentary tracking emerging market opportunities and highlighting two countries with growth potential, Zenith Global’s new European Kombucha report gives a comprehensive overview of the market as it stands in 2018, the driving forces behind its growth, and forecasts to 2023. An essential guide for any existing player or prospective entrant, providing you with the key qualitative insight and quantitative data required to enable your strategic decisions. 

What this report covers

  • European kombucha market overview: tracking the European kombucha market, with volume and value data detailing leading brands, value per litre, health claims, consumer profiles, cultural factors, key market developments and opportunities for the future with forecasts to 2023.
  • Three country sections: examining key countries markets for kombucha in more detail.
  • Two new opportunity countries identified
  • Profiles of over 50 leading brands: detailing product information, packaging formats, channel distribution and pricing.

Market data provided in this report

European kombucha market

  • Market volume share by sub region East and West Europe2018
  • Market value share by sub region East and West Europe 2018
  • Market volume and % growth 2013-2018
  • Market value and % growth 2013-2018
  • Top countries by volume 2013
  • Top countries by volume 2018
  • Kombucha types % volume share 2018
  • Packaging volume % share 2018
  • Kombucha price evolution 2013-2019
  • Price per litre in Euro 2018
  • Kombucha market forecast volume share by sub region 2023
  • Top countries by volume 2023
  • Kombucha market volume and percentage growth forecast 2018-2023
  • Kombucha market value and % growth forecast 2018-2023
  • Countries with the highest volume CAGR % 2018-23
  • Kombucha market size in the highest growth countries
  • Countries with the highest growth opportunities
  • Countries with the biggest volume gains between 2018 and 2023

Country level markets

  • Kombucha market volume and % growth 2013-2018
  • Kombucha market value and % growth 2013-2018
  • Kombucha types - % volume share 2018
  • Packaging volume % share 2018
  • Kombucha price evolution 2013-2019
  • Kombucha price per litre in Euro 2018
  • Top kombucha producers by volume 2018
  • Kombucha market volume and % growth forecast 2018-2023
  • Kombucha market value and % growth forecast 2018-2023


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