European Drinkable Vinegars Report 2019

  • Tapping into Zenith Global’s 30 years’ experience in research and consultancy to the food and drinks industry, this report tracks one of the hottest emerging trends, fermented drinks.
  • Provides insight into the context of the drinkable vinegars market, identifies countries with future opportunities as well as detailing segmentation and positioning.
  • Data covered includes segment value per litre in 2018 as well as volume, value and per capita consumption 2013-2018, with forecasts to 2023.
  • In-depth UK market overview as we examine the developing and emerging markets for drinkable vinegars in Europe.
  • Consumer profiles and cultural factors explored.
  • Includes over 10 in-depth brand profiles, tracking latest innovations from industry leaders.

Geographical coverage

European, with an in-depth focus on the key UK market and identifying a further five countries with scope for future growth.

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Background and report description

People drinking RTD vinegars for health benefits look for naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar containing the Mother, a cobweb-like substance of amino acids and sediment which contains high levels of minerals, vitamins and natural acids and from which most of the health benefits are thought to originate. Unfiltered organic Apple Cider Vinegar contains enzymes, proteins, anti-oxidants and specific good bacteria.

The 21st century has seen continued interest in functional food and drink products with social media and online shopping contributing to interest and accessibility. Digestive health, in particular, has been an area of special interest particularly fermented drinks and Apple Cider Vinegar is now benefitting from the success of Kombucha and Kefir drinks.

Mapping the nascent European market for drinkable vinegars, this report examines the market performance and trends behind the numbers in five key European countries that have opportunities for the drinkable vinegars market; Spain, Russia, Italy, Germany and France. 

What this report covers

  • European drinkable vinegars market overview: tracking the European drinkable vinegars market, with volume and value data detailing leading brands, value per litre, health claims, consumer profiles, cultural factors, key market developments and opportunities for the future with forecasts to 2023.
  • Country sections: examining key countries markets for kefir in more detail.
  • Five new opportunity countries identified
  • Profiles of over 10 leading brands: detailing product information, packaging formats, channel distribution and pricing.

Market data provided in this report

European drinkable vinegars market

  • Market volume share by UK and rest of Europe 2013-2018
  • Market value share by UK and rest of Europe 2013- 2018
  • Market volume and percentage growth 2018-2023
  • Market value and percentage growth 2018-2023

Country level market data

  • UK drinkable vinegars volume and percentage growth 2013-2018
  • UK drinkable vinegars value and percentage growth 2013-2018
  • UK Packaging volume percentage share 2019
  • UK Pack size percentage share 2019
  • UK flavoured variants percentage share 2019
  • UK Type of fruit percentage share 2019
  • UK RTD drinkable vinegars format pricing per pack format 2019
  • UK Positioning as a percentage of total 2019
  • UK drinkable vinegar market volume and percentage growth forecast 2018-2023
  • UK drinkable vinegar market value and percentage growth forecast 2018-2023




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