USA Opportunities in Plant-based drinks Report 2019

  • An essential guide for anyone present or considering entering the US plant-based beverages market with a view to offering innovative products to consumers.
  • Explores the timeline and evolution of the US plant-based drinks market.
  • Includes both an overview of the dairy landscape and a categorisation of leading opportunity segments within plant-based drinks.
  • Features commentary highlighting new product development, innovations and positioning.  
  • Contains profiles of 7 innovative brands launched in since 2018 and the trends they relate to. 
  • Explores some of the quirkier products and niche flavours in regional markets to inform and open up potential opportunities to diversify your product offering and highlight potential opportunities.

The plant-based drinks market has flourished in the last five years, offering great opportunities for manufacturers to diversify or enter the market. To promote products responding to consumer demand for health and wellbeing products, vegan alternatives and address growing environmental concerns around farming amongst others. In a bid to capture market share, a number of innovative trends are arising that expand markets, target new consumption occasions and provide excitement through flavours and cross-check categories. 

Zenith Global’s report on plant-based beverages examines the trends in the USA driving innovation and new product launches. This report will help you quickly gain an overview of the American plant-based drinks sector and enable you to make better decisions in this competitive arena.

With expert commentary tracking emerging market opportunities, Zenith Global’s new USA plant-based drinks report gives a comprehensive overview of the market as it stands in 2018, the driving forces behind its growth, and forecasts to 2023. An essential guide for any existing player or prospective entrant, providing you with the key qualitative insight and quantitative data.  


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What this report covers

  • Market Analysis: Covering 2014-2018 an overview of growth over the last 5 years and in what channels the growth has been seen. Includes Volume in Millions of litres and value in Millions of $ for 2014-2018.
  • Consumer profiles: Commentary on target markets.
  • Key trends in new product development: An overview of the themes identified as driving product development, variants within the sector and innovations. 
  • Growth Opportunities: Commentary on future areas of growth.
  • Brand profiles: 7 profiles of innovative plant-based drinks brands across the US, including product image, detailed product information, target audience/positioning, date of launch, packaging size & type, pricing, and description of variants.

Geographical coverage

  • USA

Market data provided in this report

USA Plant-based drinks market

  • Market volume share in volume 2014-2018, split by channel
  • Market value share in value 2014-2018, split by channel
  • Market volume share 2018
  • Market value share 2018
  • Plant-based and cows milk retail price evolution 2014-2018
  • Plant-based and cows milk volume evolution 2015-2019
  • Top companies retail volume % share 2018
  • Top companies retail volume % share 2017
  • Kombucha price evolution 2013-2019
  • Price per litre in Euro 2018
  • Plant-based drinks market volume forecast 2019-2023
  • Cows milk and plant-based growth forecast 2019-2023



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