Globaldrinks database

What is it?

An online database of worldwide beverage consumption, providing top-line volume and value data, going back to 2006 and with forecasts to 2023.

Aim is a dynamic online database of beverage consumption worldwide and is one of the most cost-effective comparative tools for global beverage market analysis and international business expansion.


Receive a full annual subscription covering 86 countries and all 30 categories for just £1,950, that’s just £37.50 per week.

What does my subscription cover?

86 leading countries for beverage consumption from USA to South Africa and from China to Australia. allows you to see beverage market information by country, region, category and growth trends. Includes data from 2006 to 2018 plus forecasts up to 2023, in both value (local, € & US$ million) and *volume (million litres). * Please note volume only for alcohol, milk and hot beverages.

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We have simplified our offer based on client feedback. This has led us to price this extremely competitively. One price of £1950, for one year’s subscription, 86 countries, 30 beverage categories.

You can find out more in our webinar.

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Picture the scene, you’ve been asked to present on soft drinks products in France and want to sense check your figures to produce great graphs featuring insights that will impress your colleagues. Using globaldrinks means you can choose the scale of the data for your presentation from 2006, with forecasts to 2023 – 17 years of information at your fingertips.

You are about to enter a new market and your team is in receipt of a report which will help inform your strategic decisions. Wouldn’t it be great to have another source to benchmark those figures contained in it, so that you can be assured that you are basing that decision on facts? That’s where could help.

You buy this database for your UK office and because you are interested in bottled water. After a few months you are seconded to the Latam region for a project and need to get up to speed quickly on their bottled water market. This data from enables you to hit the ground running and impress your colleagues with your grip of the market size.

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