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What’s the methodology?

Research is being undertaken on a continuous basis by our experienced analysts with specialist beverage expertise to track the latest market developments and create dynamic forecasts. National figures are based on a combination of direct contact with industry players, government sources, trade associations and leading companies in each country and are carefully cross-referenced with international organisations for each product segment to ensure common definitions and full comparability.

Why should I choose Zenith Global for this?

Zenith Global has nearly 30 years of specialised experience in consulting for the food and drinks industry, which means that our knowledge, expertise and data are second-to-none. We use this resource to inform our market research reports and presentations, so we have a vested interest in the integrity of the data and will revise it throughout the year.

How can I access this? can be easily accessed from multiple devices, 24 hours a day. It is a self-serve data tool. You can export this data in your chosen model e.g. PowerPoint or Excel. Make your presentations pop with updated globaldrinks data at the touch of a button, from work or from your personal device.

Can my team access this too?

Yes, one subscription covers a whole company. You choose who to share your password with, (NB only one log in will be available at any one time).

Who should buy this?

Any retailer, producer, investor or start-up that is active in any of the 30 beverage categories wanting a practical time-saving tool that is assured and also low cost.

What does it mean for my business?

Providing a wealth of cross-comparable statistics, we are confident that once you subscribe you will want to continue your subscription as we believe the information will be invaluable. We save you time and we help you prioritise and focus so that you have the data you need to track trends and inform your decision-making processes.

What are the countries included in Globaldrinks?

There are 86 countries over 7 regions in Globaldrinks. Key countries include USA, Mexico, Brazil, EU-28, South Africa, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

What are the categories included in Globaldrinks?

There are 30 beverage categories included in Globaldrinks, with in-depth coverage of plain still and sparkling water and flavoured and functional water.

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We have simplified our offer based on client feedback. This has led us to price this extremely competitively. One price of £1950, for one year’s subscription, 86 countries, 30 beverage categories.

You can find out more in our webinar.

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