17th Global Dairy Congress

25th-27th Jun

The premier industry event devoted to marketing and brands, consumers and innovation, designed for industry leaders, innovators, suppliers, customers and advisers worldwide. The 16th annual Global Dairy Congress will feature two days of conference sessions focusing on the latest market developments, trends and opportunities and extensive time for informal networking and discussion.

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Vertical Farming World Awards 2024
17th Apr-16th Aug

The 4th annual Vertical Farming World Awards are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation across the global industry. There are 13 awards to win, spanning crops, technology, sustainability, and commercial initiatives. The awards will open for entries in April and run until August 2024. Winners will be announced 25 September at the Vertical Farming World Congress 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Closing date 16th August 2024
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Global Water Drinks Awards 2024
28th May-20th Sep

The industry's only Global Water Drinks Awards celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the packaged water drinks industry worldwide. The awards are a great way to enhance your brand and ensure your product, concept or campaign is recognised on an international scale. The awards will open from May 2024 until September 2024. Winners will be announced at Zenith Global's 21st Global Water Drinks Congress.

Closing date 20th September 2024
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Vertical Farming World Congress 2024
25th-26th Sep
Frankfurt, Germany

Bringing together vertical farming operators, investors, suppliers and customers, this 5th annual Vertical Farming World Congress is designed to help develop and advance the sector’s future. It is the most substantial dedicated event of the year, featuring two days of conference sessions, networking with key industry figures and presentation of the Vertical Farming World Awards 2024. For new entrants as well as industry leaders.

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21st Global Water Drinks Congress
28th-30th Oct
Frankfurt, Germany

The highest level and most influential event for the global water drinks industry. Designed for industry leaders, suppliers, customers and advisers, this 21st annual Congress will provide a complete overview of the latest market trends, innovations and issues alongside networking opportunities with key industry figures. Insights will be shared by leading international and regional businesses on the latest market and strategic developments, as well as by innovators and entrepreneurs bringing new ideas and taking up new challenges.

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UK Water Drinks Conference 2025
18th Mar 2025
London, United Kingdom

Zenith Global’s UK Water Drinks Conference is the industry’s leading forum to debate key issues and build new connections. Designed for industry leaders, innovators, retailers and advisers to gain a complete overview of the most promising market opportunities, this 33rd annual event will provide valuable insights and perspectives to help prepare for the industry's next stage of growth.

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UK Soft Drinks Conference 2025
20th May 2025
London, United Kingdom

For over 20 years, Zenith Global’s annual UK Soft Drinks Conference has brought together senior industry producers, suppliers, retailers, innovators, opinion formers and advisers to provide the fullest possible one day overview of the latest developments, issues and opportunities alongside extensive networking. Held in association with British Soft Drinks Association.

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