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Matt Wilton

Matt Wilton

Managing Director – Transaction Services

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Zenith Global undertakes commercial, technical and environmental due diligence on behalf of some of the world’s leading food and drinks companies and investors. Our unmatched experience of the food and beverage industries, both technically and commercially, means that we are ideally positioned to perform a full suite of due diligence services covering the market, brand, commercial performance, land, buildings, equipment, water source and supply and operations.

The aim of any due diligence is to minimise the risk of a proposed investment. But in our experience, a good due diligence audit is best viewed as the first stage of an effective integration project. We provide professional due diligence which sets the framework for integration.

Our range of due diligence services

Zenith Global's clients include both large and small food and drinks producers, also financial institutions such as private equity as part of their mergers and acquisitions activity.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Commercial due diligence – assessment of sales performance, future performance, marketing and promotional activity and senior management.
  • Customer surveys, research and 'target' reputational due diligence
  • Market and brand due diligence – trade surveys of brand and company profile, sales projections, market review and competitor review.
  • Operations / operational due diligence and technical due diligence – assessment of buildings, production equipment, services and utilities, quality, food safety and planning. Financial modelling of production and materials costs (COGS).
  • Environmental due diligence determination of current and historic liabilities arising from contamination of the ground beneath the site.
  • Groundwater due diligence (source due diligence) – assessment of water source quality, quantity, sustainability and protection.
  • Advice on valuation.
  • Advice on exit.

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